November 12, 2019

[one-third-first][/one-third-first][one-third][/one-third][one-third][/one-third] The hybrid electric quad bikes are proving a little bit hard to find parts for . Ebay seems to be the way to go , but fancy putting yamaha raptor 90 brakes on...

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October 17, 2019

Cape tribulation horse rides require all types of vehicles to carry out various jobs all over the property . Its not till you lose  vehicles that you find its importance to the business . A few months ago my Triton ute blew its motor and off...

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Electric walks

October 10, 2019

Seems there is still this conjecture about the validity of our electric walks  in cape tribulation . 6 months the electric walks have been operating here and we show no sign of slowing down . The local DSC have still got it in their mind that...

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September 12, 2019

Becky is a beautiful little chestnut stock horse . She has been here for a couple of years now . Previously owned by jackie , our owner of cape trib camp ground. Becky had been used for polocross  so she a lively little one . Of late...

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September 3, 2019

Captain is the first of 3 horses to train up at Cape tribulation horse rides. He has been the easiest so far but Tina is not far behind him . Though there is one left called Becky I am hopeful will be riding in the coming weeks . Captain is...

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September 1, 2019

The truth is, the Kukui Nut tree in Hawaii signifies so much more. “The seed was sown. It budded; it blossomed. It spread out and budded again and joined line . The Kukui Nut tree was brought to Hawaii by Polynesians migrating to the...

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