September 12, 2019

Becky is a beautiful little chestnut stock horse . She has been here for a couple of years now . Previously owned by jackie , our owner of cape trib camp ground. Becky had been used for polocross  so she a lively little one . Of late...

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September 3, 2019

Captain is the first of 3 horses to train up at Cape tribulation horse rides. He has been the easiest so far but Tina is not far behind him . Though there is one left called Becky I am hopeful will be riding in the coming weeks . Captain is...

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September 1, 2019

The truth is, the Kukui Nut tree in Hawaii signifies so much more. “The seed was sown. It budded; it blossomed. It spread out and budded again and joined line . The Kukui Nut tree was brought to Hawaii by Polynesians migrating to the...

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ride the beach

August 18, 2019

Ride the beach is a popular phrase when we talk about cape tribulation horse rides . Another popular beach is cape tribulation beach where at its shores is the resort known as cape trib beach house . In its former hay day know for of a camping...

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beach riding

August 15, 2019

Beach riding is still one of the favoured things to do in australia for the local community . Weather it by horse back or 4wd to the 4 wheeler quads bikes , countless Aussie's cant get enough of it . Horse riding on the beach can be all along...

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Fruits and berries

August 3, 2019

While there are a range of fruits and berries that can be eaten in the rainforest of the world. The daintree forest is home to thousands of species of tropical trees. Rainforest fruits and berries can be extremely poisonous . Difficult to...

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