Info & Conditions – Cape Tribulation Horse Rides

For services of Cape Trib Horse Rides Pty Ltd and its employees, agents and associates (hereafter referred to as ‘the Establishment’) the rider or guardian acknowledges the following:

  1. HORSE RIDING IS A DANGEROUS ACTIVITY. The rider recognises that the horses are living animals, each horse has a different nature and temperament.  The rider recognises that there is an element of risk in riding horses and that the horses may act in an unpredictable manner, particularly if frightened, hurt or in any way mistreated.  The rider acknowledges that a horse may quicken its pace, trot or canter in the return journey to its stable or yard.  An approved helmet will be provided, however, the rider acknowledges that no helmet can protect the wearer against all possible impacts.  Knowing these inherent risks, the rider accepts the Establishment, its owners, agents and employees, do not accept any liability for any accident, damage, injury to the rider, spectator or any other person or property whatsoever.
  2. All riders accept that the Establishment, its owners, agents and employees do not accept liability for any accident or injury to the rider arising as a result of the rider not wearing an approved helmet, or with the retention system incorrectly fastened in accordance with the manufacturers fitting instructions.
  3. Certain risks are normally involved, including, but not limited to, collisions and falls. The Establishment has first aid treatment available for injuries and will arrange for riders to receive, or be transported to receive, medical treatment in urgent circumstances as soon as possible, should it be required.
  4. The Establishment relies upon the details provided by the riders or guardian as to the rider’s age, weight, riding experience and physical and mental capability in matching the horse and rider. The rider, upon mounting the horse and taking up the reins, is in primary control of the horse.  The rider’s safety largely depends on the ability to carry out instructions given appropriate to the rider’s assessed capability and the rider’s ability to remain balanced in the riding position on the moving horse.  The Establishment reserves the right to refuse to allow a person to participate in any horse-riding activity whilst on the premises on the basis of a disclosed impairment.
  5. The Establishment makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied as to the nature, habits and disposition of any horse supplied.
  6. The rider alone accepts full responsibility for the control of the horse provided and its safety and agrees to not partake in uncontrolled riding or galloping and only ride in a safe and controlled manner. Jumping is not allowed.
  7. The rider will not permit the horse selected for their personal use, to be exchanged with other riders or permit any person other than the selected rider or permit the doubling of any person.
  8. The rider will be responsible for the correct adjustment of all harnesses, saddle and helmet prior to and during the ride. The saddle girth must be kept tight at all times.  The girth must be checked every hour to ensure tension is maintained and the rider shall require the guide attendant to assist in the adjustment of all equipment prior to and during the ride, if necessary.  The girth is not to be loosened or the girth removed when resting the horse.
  9. All accidents, or injury to persons, or damage to property, or loss of equipment must be reported to the Establishment and Office Manager before leaving the Establishment. If this is not possible due to injury then such a report must be put in writing within 14 days of the date of the injury, damage or loss.  All claims must be made within 12 months of the injury, damage or loss and it is agreed that any claim not made within the 12-month period will be waived.
  10. The rider must obey all directional and information signs encountered during the ride and all instructions by the Establishment’s representatives whilst on the property and during the ride.
  11. If any rider does not comply with the conditions set out in this application or in the opinion of the Establishment or act in misconduct or partake in discourteous or hazardous riding, then the ride may be cancelled by the Establishment and the Establishment need not refund any monies charged for the ride.
  12. This form or application need not be accepted by the Establishment and no reason need be given for its rejection.