shooting guns

August 17, 2017

When your in a country that is clearly run by leaders influenced by the western culture , shooting guns is a given , the fine line is usually over stepped once someone points a gun at you . Weather you are trained by the sas or any government...

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Night life , moresby

August 10, 2017

The night life , moresby was always interesting especially when curfew was in place largely due to political unrest and those times of the year that voting time . I was always out at least once a week at one of the pokey joints for a flutter ,...

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Brutal country

August 2, 2017

Papua is one of the most beautiful countries to see , but also under the radar it is also a brutal country to work in after 5 years of security work on and off the streets you can bet i have my fair share of stories . After the honey moon period...

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Penthouse views

July 30, 2017

Settling in after about six months , I had been living with the other manager and staff in a big compound located not far from 2 mile hill , the main office was on the 9th floor with penthouse views , loved going to office to see Mohamed . We...

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International Investment group

July 27, 2017

The international investment group consisted of 15 businesses 5 petrol stations 2 restaurants 2 fast food shops gold business , private hospital and 3 car yards , jewelry shop and to add the security company i was just starting to set up . Most...

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millennium robbery

July 25, 2017

ssoooo here were are usual morning doing armed pickups from the service stations collecting almost a 250 thousand and heading for the pngc bank of moresby unaware the the millennium robbery was in already taking place as we drove to the bank . Just...

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