New beginnings

May 31, 2018

Here i am sitting in a hot water spring on elquestro station in the Australian Kimberly thinking about where my new beginnings would take me when i hear mobile start making a noise , fuck me service up here i thought . Turned out it was little...

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PKS jungle resort

May 28, 2018

My adventures travelling the great australia we live in , lead me to PKS jungle resort , noted as the party central of cape tribulation . At the time a acquaintance of mine was managing and the job on offer was very simple , 5 nights a week 7...

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Cape trib

February 6, 2018

The last day of being on the gold coast before heading for cape trib , i finally got the chance to surf at coolangata beach , perfect swell for a beginner like me and there they were !!! a pod of dolphins swimming with us , there where only 4 of us...

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Truck driving

January 26, 2018

I kept trying to figure out where to go next after Rocky so it was off to the sunshine coast and because the monies were not where i wanted i was forced to take any job i could , this meant a caravan park and some real labor once again and the call...

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Work ethic

January 12, 2018

As i started to travel australia many things started to make sense as to the work ethic from someone may age as opposed to the younger generation . Right from when we were small children we were taught to solve our own problems , sure dad was...

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Australia’s back yard

December 5, 2017

Leaving cairns and the heading for a cattle station i once worked on when i was 17 in Australia's back yard seemed a little like going back in time . Laurie weggert was managing at the time , he had been part of Australia's back yard for many...

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