The effects of heat on horses cape tribulation horse ride

January 3, 2015

The affects of heat on at cape tribulation horse ride and the difference between horses who sweat and horses who puffs there are several horses on this property that puffs there is no known cure for this. sweating is  most important this is...

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The secret to good pasture cape tribulation tour

December 14, 2014

The secret to good pasture ,Well the old whisperer has been checking the progress of the seed of which this cape tribulation tour had put into the ground and there has been some major improvements on the paddocks and what the whisperer found...

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Training horses cape tribulation tour

December 11, 2014

Training horses on this cape tribulation tour we pride ourselves in the way we conduct the training of horses , firstly the horses must spend at least 3 months to sort out where their pecking order is in the paddock after this time i then bring each...

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Dry weather grass

December 7, 2014

Dry weather has recently gone through this end of our country , hardly any grass in the fields and yes some of the horse's are doing it hard. River hunter is one horse that this whisperer is worried about for a 14 year old horse he has expired...

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Info & Conditions – Cape Tribulation Horse Rides

January 7, 2014

Maximum numbers for ride is 8 , customers must be 5 years or older. No experience is necessary as there are horses suitable for all grades of riders. Guides can give you help along the way if you are a beginner so don't be afraid to...

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What Will I Need To Bring – Cape Tribulation Horse Rides

January 3, 2014

Long pants may offer more protection than shorts but this is NOT essential. Closed, secure footwear such as joggers or boots are essential . You are able to take a water bottle , sunglasses and camera as there are duel saddle bags , photo's can...

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