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Horse riding 

The horse riding tour caters for all types of riders and levels, though for the extreme horse rider be advised this is a trail ride with the appropriate insurances in place and an establishment that must conform to the rules laid out.

More experienced riders can obviously go faster and get to canter their horse.

The more beginner may want to walk or try a little trot.

Generally we like to get horse’s and customers in the ocean , and in quite a few instances we have been asked about crocodile and stinger concerns, so to clear up any concerns, here is a brief summary. 

Firstly staff are not to take horse’s into the ocean unless they have clear visibility in the water.

Secondly there is protection from a reef that shelters us from the elements of nature, making it quite safe to enter ocean on horse back.

Starting from the stable with our friendly guide’s customers will wind their way through the oldest rain forest in the world and be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of Myall beach. 

Before you enter the ocean we take the opportunity to get some great photos of customers in this relaxed environment. 

We encourage riders to get the most of the 2 hour experience as it encompasses both rain-forest, beach and open paddock, with a Jurassic park feel to the experience. 

All equipment is supplied; Approved helmets, rain jackets, saddle bags with water bottle holders, dry bags for equipment, and a selection of rubber shoes. 

All equipment is to Australian government codes of standard. 

Prices: $110.00 per adult, $70.00 per child ages 14 down to 5 years old.

Polaris two-seater UTV tour 

This electric 4×4 vehicle is so silent for optimal site-seeing, the vehicle can transport 2 adult persons or 1 adult and small children, roll protection canopy and seat belts fitted to full safety requirements. 

These guided walks offers the whole family’s afternoon into the rain-forest a unique experience.

Taking time to explore the oldest rain-forest in the world and for the children, a fun safe area to swim and parents can just sit back and relax as our guide explains certain cultural aspects of the area with ochre face painting for the children. 

Price per adult is $110.00, and children aged 14 down to 5 is $70.00

UTV night adventure 

Capturing the rain-forest at night is such an amazing experience, with the aid of these electric buggies we are able to not disrupt the inhabitants of the rain-forest. 

Getting quite deep in the rain-forest, and the word magical springs to mind when we shut out the light’s and under your feet the forest comes alive.

Glow in the dark foliage appears and fireflies light up the night .

As we take a walk into the night each person has night vision goggles making it much less stressful on animals that are encountered along the way, shutting out the lights and going to night vision is less disruptive for their nocturnal activities.

Finished off with a free Aussie dinner catered by our local beach house resort  kitchen and refreshments as you take the time to relax and enjoy your nights adventure .

We recommend children under 10 may not be suitable for this walk $90.00 for adults and children aged 14 down to 5 is $70.00

Our business is able to cater for all customer’s irrespective of your weight or physical activity. Our belief is all persons should experience our unique part of the world .

Tourism award winning Accommodation  can be arranged should you want to stay that little longer than just a day trip .

Cape Tribulation Beach-house provides a great family atmosphere , close to the beach , swimming pool , great food and your choice of boutique cabins.


A maximum  weight limit is in place of a 100 kilograms for horse rides 

Night adventure tour may not be suitable for children under 5 years of age .

Severe  wet weather conditions may result in tour’s being cancelled .

Children from 14 down to 5 are required to have adult supervision .

Due to insurance purposes women at any stages of pregnancy shouldn’t ride horses .

A credit surcharge of 1.25 % applies to all internet bookings ,cancellations 24 hours notice thank you