Cape tribulation by night vision in a electric polaris is by far a interesting way to see the rain forest .

The electric polaris makes the perfect vehicle being four wheel drive with all terrain tyres .

The track leading the way is also used for the quad bikes as well , but venturing out at night is different .

When we get up further into mount sorrow there is glow in the dark moss on the ground and fireflies

As the night is so dark the fireflies light up the rain-forest and the magic begins .

Magical is what springs to as well as the movie avatar , its not hard to see where it came from .

Everywhere you look at night you find pockets of what James Cameron was trying to bring to life .

There are 3 areas of interest for our customers to explore with the night vision goggles .

One of the coolest things to do is for the co pilot to use night vision as we drive .

The vehicle feels like it is going twice as fast as you think as we hoon down the tracks .

With a couple of creek crossings , numerous gullies to get trough using the aid of night vision .

Night vision is also used when we see anything of interest up in the tress .

Most of the wild life is in the trees at night for safety , excluding the pythons looking for food .

We found one the other night chasing a feed  , right above the python was a fruit bat .

Great size meal for the python as we looked on with the night vision goggles .

Unfortunately for the python the fruit bat was spooked and flew away .

I am sure though that the python will find something else in the next few days to eat .