This is my take on vehicles used by cape tribulation horse rides in the modern era .

With the inclusion of the electric quads and polaris vehicles  , sustainable we are now moving forward .

Cape tribulation horse rides is the first in Queensland to to operate these electric  quads .

No one else in the tourism sector is close to where we are at present , not even in the same ball park .

I have noticed that other businesses are not even close to our safety measures that are in place .

Cape tribulation horse rides has all the safety equipment for our customers .

The safety roll bar for our electric quad bikes was a extra 2000 dollars and the speed limiter .

Our belief was that at 30 kilometres per hour was sufficient speed for our terrain .

The vehicles were to get customers as close to the walking tracks as possible from the stable area .

Many years back old man mason used 4 wheel drive vehicles to get his customers to the walking tracks .

As we are now moving forward to more sustainable power the introduction of electric should work well .

I would have thought , our local council  would be on board with the venture instead out quibbling .

What better place to introduce the electric age then in the middle of the daintree rain forest .

A letter to council suggesting our was not legal has raised the question of authenticity of the permits provided .

One would think that after 38 years of using these permits , there should not any reason for their  legitimacy .

The persons who made the accusations are in fact out of business because of their own failures .

Seems age and experience will over come youth and enthusiasm this round 🙂 .