Cape tribulation horse rides require all types of vehicles to carry out various jobs all over the property .

Its not till you lose  vehicles that you find its importance to the business .

A few months ago my Triton ute blew its motor and off the road it went .

The triton has its uses for the business  such as customer pick ups , collecting feed from mossman .

Two months ago i employed a staff member to be trained as a guide for the electric vehicles .

His so called mechanical skills seemed to be fine and i had no problem be leaving what he was telling me .

The words , Steve this is what i can do for should have sent alarm bells but i wanted that car back on the road .

Vehicles these days are all electronic and i am not match for that , so better i get someone younger .

First it was the turbo , then came the head , hey lets not forget the new bottom end bearings .

I really dislike people when they just start taking the mickey out of you .

After a month went by i started to see the familiar pattern you see when someone is full of shit .

This guy was just trying to slow the process down and drag it out as long as possible .

With the vehicles motor still in pieces i fronted him and no surprises he never returned the next day .

I did however get a drunken call a few days later  abusing me for various things .

I have since put every thing back together and we are at a stale mate at the moment .

The ecu is responding for the injectors to work  , so my hope is friday the new on should arrive .

This has been a very learning experience once again in trusting people .