The weather in cape tribulation is the coldest i have dealt with in 13 years of living here this year .

The horses don’t seem to mind it as the winter coats go crazy in cape tribulation .

Conditions have not dampened the customers coming for our tours as well .

I would have thought that given the conditions down south we would have seen less activity here in cape tribulation .

My Electric tours still seem to attract punters daily as this week i was mean’t to do the rural fire brigade training .

Business comes first and with that sometimes you have to let the odd person down so i do hope merrian’s OK

The problem in cape tribulation is we are all busy at different stages of the year so finding the time for these things is not easy .

Hopefully i can still keep up to date with the fire brigade training this year .

The busy season is just around the corner and the electric tours are perfect .

Horses are starting to put on weight due to the cooler weather and the skins conditions are improving .

I am still working on ways to improve the top line on my horses , in cape tribulation .

If you start working out at the gym your muscle starts to develop  and enlarge making you fit and shapely .

Same thing for a race his expand around the rump due to great food and exercise , creating the top line  .

The same as humans , we sit around the house doing nothing we start look like the good year blimp .

Muscle fads away and pretty soon we also start looking like some of my old boy’s .in cape tribulation .

The same can be said about horses and older people the more thing wear out the worst we look

in cape tribulation .