Ticks at this time of the year are deadly to dogs and cats and also to some of our native species of wild life .

The daintree region hosts some rare and endangered animals such as the famous cassowaries small possums and the tree kangaroos .

All of which are susceptible to these paralysis ticks , which lives and thrives in this north Queensland environment .

Ticks can also prove quite toxic to us humans as well we can become quite ill extremely fast if the tick is not located on our body usually we find we have a itch somewhere on our body were we usually find it to be a tick .

For dogs such as my little jack Russell , Mr bean he started out just not being his normal self , then progressed to dry reaching , then began the back legs giving way under him .

We gave him a good check over at the vets and there it was on the side of his jaw hidden in the fur the tick was in bedded quite well .

Mr bean is now quite sick and will remain in the vets until he starts to respond to treatment , the usual is a cerium that is admitted and then we wait to see if the treatment will work some dogs will respond and others will not , ( hoping beanie will )

When horses get these ticks they usual get a large lump and don’t show to many side affects of the ticks , we usually spray some fly spray on our finger and rub it in on the tick , within a few minutes the ticks are usually dead and the next day they fall off .

To all the animal lovers out there we can not stress the importance of checking your cat or dog occasionally for these ticks and save yourself a lot of money ,in this case of me not checking Mr bean it now will cost me over 500 dollars and there is no certainty that the cerium will save him 🙁