Horses where the first part of this business being sustainable , the combination of thoroughbreds and standard breed horses was just the start of things changing.

Standard breeds are great for this style of business , only that they are more prone to fighting with each other .

The amount of times on a tour that a horse would kick out at a other was at time dangerous to the customer .

The combination of thoroughbreds just seemed to lighten the ride and stop a lot of arguing between horses while out on tour .

As the standard breeds association  in Queensland started to slow do due to the down turn in racing .

The Thoroughbred association capitalized and the combination of good management and Healthy growth in Queensland sparked a surge .

As the racing industry gained momentum ,horses became abundant and the combination of the horses started to come to a end .

Most of the horses where old when i was given the management job on the horses ride  in cape tribulation .

So as the old boys and girls moved to greener pastures they were replaced with the thoroughbreds .

Thoroughbreds worth better with each other , so on tour was much more relaxing than  what it has been in previously .

Training the new horses was always a challenge , bringing them back from what they have been pushed to do takes patience and time .

Some  learnt faster than others and on the odd occasion 1 or 2 never suited the job as they could not come back from the racing mentality .

As it stands to day we now run mostly thoroughbreds and from this point we always will , finding the right horse for these condition’s is always a challenge .

I sit here and watch as a tour leaves and the of profoundness i have our horses , still keeps a spark in my eye