The Old Ones

The Old Ones are the horses that are getting skinny because their teeth are gone or their just getting old and are ready for retirement.

I once stopped at the front gate and two older ladies were there, one turned to me and said why is that horse so skinny , i said its simple when u get to his age u will be too.

Skinny horses don’t look good for a horse riding establishment at the best of times but its hard to know when you have to put them down, well this week is one of those weeks were i have to say good bye to some of the team The Old Ones nut, and rajah are at that skinny stage and are simply not happy.

It will be a sad week for me these two ( The Old Ones ) have been in retirement fro two years or better now, so they have had a good run old nut is 30 years and rajah is about 28 well done boys for getting this far.

Much the same as every animal the older we get the more skinny we become as our general health is getting harder to control the old ones just fade away but they are never forgotten as per us humans