The Affects Of Cancer

The affects of cancer can quite literately scare the hell out you , i mean one day you go to take a shave and you see a lump on your neck so you Google as we all do these days and all you see is that word (cancer).

Action you need to take , straight to the doctor for some tests as i have a local gp from my home town i went to see him first he was so cool about this cancer and might i add very laid back and as he told the story of what was going to happen, well he was right on the money.

All that has happened along this fight to clear the cancer , he was right about fist there was the blood test then biopsy,followed by the removal of my tonsils , followed by more biopsy for cancer cells ,then the wait is on.
After confirming the cancer i am then sent to townsville to treat the affects of cancer.

I think the longest 24 hours if my life was when i had the pet scan to determine how far the affect of cancer had spread again its always that waiting period you just sit there in limbo.

I have to say that the doctor was great he said Steve i will tell straight away good or bad and he did as i turned up the next day he was wondering around looking for some else , seen me sitting there and Steve ! i have good news for come we can talk now about this type of cancer as i sat there listening to him say about chemo and radiation treatment it never scared me as to what was about to happen all i could think was shit i am lucky i can actually be cured of this cancer.

Yesterday was the first of my treatment for this cancer, the fight has begun to cure the beast that haunts us all as i progress onto the next stage of this i will be checking back in from week to week letting you know about the affects of cancer.