Horses teeth stop growing at the age of 15 , from that point forward determines how long they live .

Eventually they will grind them down to the gum and may also get a abscess along the way .

It can just as painful for a horse as it is for a human and generally requires removal .

The hardest decisions have to be made in these circumstances based on the age of the horse .

When your horse is 19 years old and you can see his teeth are failing there is no coming back .

My decisions are based on the business principal and the horses quality of life .

Over the years i have had to deal with all kinds of situations regarding the horses .

Everything from major wounds to coliced up horses  and of course there teeth .

There is always the other element , people who tend to think they know better than about your horses .

I remember years back when i was having chemo and radiation for cancer and i had assistant manager in place .

One of the staff kept turning up for work drunk and at times not at all , she was subsequently put off .

Being disgruntled she rang the rspca and they then conducted a inspection on all the horses and their teeth .

As i was away my assistant had to cop the brunt of what was to come out the inspection .

The head inspector handed us a show cause notice  to have a horse put down due to her hooves .

As there was a vet on hand and myself not there proving that the mare was going to be fine was hard   .

The end result was , she would be put down  and apart from some needing there teeth done .

The question of their hooves seemed to be only other concern to the vet and rspca inspector .