Stockman in this age are far better off that fifty years ago when my father was on cattle stations .

Back when you dough a hole it was with a crow bar and shovel and not but thousands of post holes .

Most stations would employee contract fence builders and a breaker for new horses , stockman were used for cattle .

You would be out of bed at 4 am and in the saddle for at least 12 hours a day .

I remember days as a stockman of 14 years old doing the hole day and then going back out .

On a moon lite light as it was easier to work at that time of the day .

I only had to do a few but the experience of mustering at night was very different to the day time .

They where right the cattle were alot calmer and easier to move  , they didn’t seem to mind being moved .

After finishing as a stockman  1990 , i decided to try my at it again at 36 .

At 36 i was regarded as the old boy on the block as most of the Young stockman were 25 .

Going back to that style of work was extremely hard on my body  and there some bone crunching days .

I found the yard work easier and the way we worked the cattle was a little less stress full for them .

These days its even easier with the aid of helicopters , quad bikes and motor bikes .

The day’s of a horse back muster with stockman are becoming non existent .

For me its a shame that we are loosing the old traditions but i guess life is about moving forward .

The economics of running a station and making a profit to sustain everything and everyone is  paramount .