Retired horses

Retired horses is where this horse ride sometimes come under pressure , peoples understanding can some what vary from country to country .

At this time i have three retired horses and are in some what good condition for their age such as Comanche , fat and healthy but what is not good is that manch has a bad shoulder most people wont see it unless he is trying to canter .

Then comes rajah he also looks good and still one of those horses that despite his front legs having arthritis , he still likes to throw his dominance around .

Last of the retired horses , we have old nut he is still one of the originals to the horse rides, his arthritis has long caught up with him he has had a great retirement . (love that horse )

All three of theses horses deserve what they are getting , a free feed , well looked after , and the chance to do nothing .

I have had some people question why do you keep retired horses here why not not move them to someone else’s place , sorry its not that easy when you have this many horses and all of them have there mates it disrupes the social system within the mob and thus we then have horses playing up on the rides .

I have found that keeping retired horses and working horses together is still the best way to keep the mob calm , i have seen this first hand on many occasion , been in the paddock when two mates cant find each other , you can hear them galloping about whinnying after each other until they find each other .

As well as this there is so much vine on the property that when one gets stuck they often will let me know by calling out until i find them , ( ps ) have never lost a horse to vine yet .

These are some of the reasons i keep the retired horses on the property .