red cedar

The property cape trib horse rides is located on is home to the famous red cedar tree .

A much sought after timber in its hay day by timber cutters the red cedar was worth good money .

Being used for furniture timber world wide , quite a bit of antique items today are expensive .

Red cedar is one of Australia’s few native deciduous trees where leaves seasonally fall and regrow.

The timber is red in colour, easy to work and very highly valued.

While considered commercially extinct, trees are still occasionally harvested from sources grown in the 1950s .

Which have a trunk size of approximately 1m In addition to the timber’s high value, red cedar is a fast growing tree .

With the ability to survive drought, fire and moderate frost, which raise its potential as a plantation species.

However, commercial plantations have been unsuccessful due to the prevalence of the cedar tip moth .

Which causes die-back and stimulates the tree to grow additional branches .

making its shape unsuitable for commercial production .

Commercial tree operations are inherently high risk and highly specialised and are long term investments .

The time between establishment and harvest ranging from 30-50 years.

Red cedar was named red gold by Australia’s early settlers, who used it extensively in furniture, construction and boat building

It can grow to 60m tall, with a trunk that can reach 3m

The tree was over harvested in the early 20th Century to a point that it is now considered commercially extinct

Availability of this timber is now limited the red cedar is not in plentiful supplies

Red cedar is a fast growing tree with good tolerance to drought, fire and frost

It has not been a successful plantation tree due to its susceptibility to the cedar tip moth

It may be a suitable tree to grow interspersed with other species