The 2 hour quad bike adventure incorporates 2 walks at different stages of the experience .

Our tracks are designed for all levels of driving abilities, and can see customers able to fully immerse themselves .

In the rain forest and capture that Jurassic vibe as they are aboard the electric quad .

Our half way point allows customers to take some time to enjoy some fresh food and drink as well as taking a dip .

In our private fresh water lagoon ,very safe for children and adults as the guide provides supervision.

Customers are shown all types of fauna and flora, some indigenous and some introduced species to the area.

Chances of encounters with the famous cassowary are highly likely, as our 350 acre property is home to quite a few.

Adults down to 16 years of age can take these electric quad bikes with little to no experience .

All quad bikes are fitted with the latest roll protection bars, body armour and helmets are provided for safety .

Polaris UTV and quad bikes cannot exceed 30 km per hour for safety reasons .

Quads are equipped with the latest rollover protection devises for customer protection .

We have also included motor cross armour for our customers making every one safe and look good .

The tour on these electric quad bikes is by all means the most effective way to see the rain forest .

We can cover so much of the property and the diverseness of the areas we can go .

From the heights of mount sorrow to the bottom of our paddock near cape tribulation road .

As we can get to all areas , this means the customers have had the full experience .

To date every customer has had nothing but great things to say about the quad bike adventure .

I myself  have found the tour quite addictive as i have with the horse ride for so many years .