mr bean

Mr bean has been with me now for 6 years , from day i picked him he has been by my side .

I still remember the day i picked him out of the litter and said to the owners call him mr bean please .

His mother was not real happy with me being there , so she was put into the bedroom while i made my choice .

Taking him back to cape tribulation horse rides he slept all the way on my leg .

Making a walk board to the bed so he could go and do his business at night was also the great for his confidence .

I would wake up every mourning with mr mean lying as close to as possible .

For the most part he grew up at a time where i was busy trying to manage two businesses at once .

There was no time for mr bean then but as i started to regain the horse rides back and relinquish the beach house .

I found i had more time to take him to the stables and play at times of the day .

Our bond was getting stronger every day and mr bean was growing up very quickly as his hair began to grow longer .

He was never a aggressive dog but just lived chasing the ball and playing with other dogs .

When i got cancer i was unsure weather he would be able to come with me to townsville .

A local resort owner allowed me to have mr bean at the little unit i stayed in .

When i was there he was the only thing i had that you could call a companion .

I have the upmost affection for mr bean , though at times he is just being a dog , i know his loyalty has no bounds .

My hope is that he gets to live a long life here at cape tribulation horse rides .