Miss riding

Miss riding my special nag’s so many of us horse riding people out there love to just get our horses and ride !!! .

Maybe you are one those that Miss riding as well all the more reason to do more horse riding i this special part of the world called cape tribulation.

I for one fell for this place near on 9 years ago , if it was not the horse riding up here i don’t think i would be here although in saying that there are still a lot of other things to do apart from riding horses.

There are a bunch of tours to do such as jungle surfing and the reef trip as a bit kayaking , still being the manager i would still stick by my horse riding business .

Why do i Miss riding , its every day you go and you watching customers horse riding and you need to give all the encouragement you for them to get through the ride and have a great time ,come back with a big smile feeling they have just got over their fears or not .

I Miss riding with little jack the jack Russell it’s been just over two years since he died of a heart attack , the new one Mr bean is great just a little two big for the horses but i will trying new ways to get him on horse riding.

The other thing i love about horse riding is watching these horses we train to take customer’s out safely it all starts with trust and then comes the day to day ride ,it can sometimes take up to a year to get these horses up to the standard this horse ringing business needs.

All in all we love our jobs up here in cape tribulation ask anyone that works for cape trib horse riding and they will tell if they are off for too many day’s them Miss riding as well.