I have a little bundle of joy called Maggie who was at the time a giveaway dog from my sister .

Now i dont think my sister should own any sort of pet , totally in capable of looking after them .

When i got Maggie she had 8 legs well thats what she looked like at the time  .

Being a shiatsu cross moll-tease the hair needs to be groomed frequently on these dogs .

Maggie needed to be taken to the vets to be shaved , the hair was so tight we couldn’t shave her .

Veterinarian Vicky sedated her so she could shave her legs especially because the hair was so tight .

After the shave it began to easier to clip her and the little began her new life in at cape tribulation horse rides .

For the first few months we had to bond as maggie had only lived inside a house and never outside .

Month after month if you weren’t watching her she would would take off to the campground  .

Yours truly here would have go looking and find her playing with chopper who she seemed to be loving .

I think because chopper was the same size as maggie she found that she had a suited partner .

Took a couple of years for maggie to learn to stay home but it seems that when she gets in heat the roaming starts .

For the most the dog is such a little soul and has so much love for little dog that even i cant be-leave it sometimes .

She has this connection with just about every customer that comes our way at the stable .

Everyone loves her and maggie has a way of getting into everyone’s heart especially the children .