Cape tribulations living conditions can be at times quite hard to deal with .

When i first got here i was in a house nestled in the rain forest up in Camelot close .

Living with mick and buff wasn’t easy , both drank like fish every night of the week .

Heading out to go work one morning i found mick in the ute in the ditch still drunk

Lying in the fetal position still asleep i woke him up and pulled the car out .

This happened quite a lot over the next few weeks and began to question where the money was coming from .

We would be at horse ride and young girls would show up as per mick telling them the night before .

A call to the beach house would be placed by mick saying we could only take 10 customers .

It was not hard to figure out what him and buff were up to and for me i had to question even why i was there .

Within the first month i had one of the head receptionist say that i should be running the horse ride .

Tanya placed a call to one of the owners and the rest was history , mick and buff were sacked and i took over .

Mick never forgave for taking his job but the truth was hard for drunken little loud mouth shit to take .

For years i would hear him at the resorts bagging me and the horse ride out  still re living his glory day’s .

There were a couple of occasions i would catch him and give him a bit a choking just letting him know .

I worked hard for the horse ride and at the time not really knowing what i was doing .

living in cape tribulation would have more challenges moving forward .