The hybrid electric quad bikes are proving a little bit hard to find parts for .

Ebay seems to be the way to go , but fancy putting yamaha raptor 90 brakes on the back .

Talk about a hybrid quad built out of bits .

The thing here is to make the pads are good quality or you risk damaging the disc .

This hybrid comes from Taiwan  and flat packed to Australia.

While the electric motor is built in England and shipped to Australia.

The vehicle is then assembled in Melbourne for sale .

Since purchasing we have been problems free except the changing of brake pads.

We got 6 to 7 months use before needing new ones front and rear .

One motor from the electric quad bikes and polaris ceased due to brake issues .

From a customers point most are enjoying the fact that they are eco friendly  .

Some of the die hard still want the sound of the motor rawing  around .

Our emphasis has been that we can creep through the rain forest and get to see more .

Point in case two days ago when 2 customers and myself approached two cassawaries and 4 chicks .

They were not frightened by us and went about foraging as usual .

Gold for our customers