There is always conjecture about the way some horses look in every country around the world .

I have been working with horses for over 25 years very closely and as i have been in cape tribulation 13 of those years.

I have come to see people rolling there eyes  at times when they enter or see some of our horses and the weight there at .

Running Thoroughbreds is not easy , firstly you cant give them to much feed or the energy rises and they heat up , not good for beginner riders .

Secondly because they are on a grueling training schedule the top line on the horse is easier to maintain as they are feed continually high energy food .

The horses we have need to very calm and very much bomb proof for the customers we attract , the reason i use thoroughbreds is they have a loving nature once they come down from racing .

There are always problems with their hooves as well as teeth and the heat up in northern part of australia produces Queensland itch .

Queensland itch is brought on by the sand flies in the wet season , the horses start to scratch themselves and the start to rub the hair off them , then exposing the skin.

This only makes things worst as the more the skin is exposed the worst the the horse starts to look.

There are all types of remedies out on the market , some work better than others , i find citronella oil is good as it sticks to skin in wet weather .

Horses teeth stop growing around 15 years of age , it is then that you will see some horses drop weight or start looking for more food .

When you are driving by a paddock and see a skinny horse , doesn’t mean its not being looked after , it could 30 years old and bugger all teeth left to grind it’s food.