horse training

When it comes to horse training , staff and myself at cape tribulation horse rides are the main trainers .

For a horse riding establishment such as ours  , the horses have to calm and relaxed for their riders .

Horse training starts the moment they get here of the truck , the introduction to the paddock is important .

Having above 18 horses there is a major importance in the animals not being put in a situation of being hurt .

As part of the horse training , we are watching for whom they make friends with and who not .

Once we have this under control , its time for the join up in the round yard , and education .

I personally love the Monty Roberts join up process and the way horses respond to your body language .

Many years back , i was given videos on horse training of Monty doing his work on young horses .

His importance on taking the time to do it right by the horse and to gain its full trust .

Asking instead of telling certainly made sense to me and that was what i was looking for  in horse training .

I still remember Thor a grey ex race horse coming to the horse rides , no one wanted to ride him .

Staff would take a ride with him and then flatly refuse to get back on him .

I started with the Monty Roberts style of horse horsemanship and within a couple of weeks we had success .

Thor became a very different animal  through the horse training   i was showing him and his rewards .

Food was a big component as is with a lot of animals but he i had a bond like no other horse ever .

I could put the smallest of kids on that he was by my side always .