The hendra virus affects horses in a neurological way if contracted .

The virus is transmitted from the waste of a fruit bat in the more coastal areas of australia .

This is fatal to a horse and human when contracted by either of them .

There have been a number of cases in the past 15 years  between new south wales and Queensland .

Cape tribulation horse rides have taken the steps to have our horses immunised against hendra .

The affects for a horse is neurologically based causing the horse to move in circle.

The costs of the immunisation on 19 horses  was around ten thousand dollars to the business .

Money well spent considering the fact that we have never had them immunised in the 13 years of me working here .

Just the word sends chills up the spine of veterinarian and this whilst taking my dog beanie to the local vets .

As i walked in the first question asked was have your hoses been hendra vaccinated  .

Beanie neurological signs  caused every one in the room to look with terror on their faces .

Dogs can also contract the  virus just as humans can through horses through there saliva .

Though it is rare in cases other animals have died due to contracting the hendra virus .

Since 1994, the Hendra virus has claimed the lives of 81 horses, with more than 30 of these deaths recorded in 2011 and 2012.

There have also been seven confirmed cases of virus infection in humans.

Of these people, four have lost their lives, with the most recent death occurring in August 2009.

The wild life reservoir of Nipah virus, like that of Hendra virus, is a species of flying fox found in South East Asia.

To date, there have only been two reported cases in which dogs tested positive for hendra Virus .

It is suspected that the dogs became infected following close contact with infected horses .