Fruits and berries

While there are a range of fruits and berries that can be eaten in the rainforest of the world.

The daintree forest is home to thousands of species of tropical trees.

Rainforest fruits and berries can be extremely poisonous .

Difficult to identify, so it’s best to enjoy these bountiful beauties .

With your eyes, not your tastebuds.

There are some that you can such as the snake weed.

It have a blue flower that tastes just like mushrooms .

The wild raspberry is in season now .

Fruits and berries  are at this time of the year everywhere.

As the season continues we will get the blue fig coming out  .

This another little treasure for our horses.

They patiently wait under the trees for them to drop.

Many of the fruits and berries have some quite refreshing tastes

The black palm nut has a distinct citrus flavor

The damson plum is quite similar in the taste as well .

Wild nutmeg is common at this time of the year.

Though you need to carefull about how much you consume.

Wild olives are near the beach at present I have been getting quite a few.

There  are those years where fruits and berries in  our rainforest don’t come out

The year may be too wet or to dry for the seasonal  bloom.

I am a big fan of the melistoner plant and  the little black friuts and berries it displays.

Blues tongue as we call it up here for the general public  .

Smells are around every day for the different kinds of fruits and berries in the daintree  .

Taken me quite a few years to get inspired by what fruits and berries are  around me here .

And I am only just starting to  understand why I am drawn to this  way of life .