Electric walks

Seems there is still this conjecture about the validity of our electric walks  in cape tribulation .

6 months the electric walks have been operating here and we show no sign of slowing down .

The local DSC have still got it in their mind that we are operating quad bike and utv tours .

I have taken footage for the purposes of marketing and ca be plainly seen the walks are shown  .

These walks were made by Paul mason back in the early eighties taking people on guided walks .

The use of a old petrol tray back vehicle was order in those day’s

We are now using electric walks as new Eco friendly way to get the customer to the walking tracks .

All vehicles are speed controlled not to exceed 30 klms .

This tour is about seeing the rain forest and the chance encounters withe local wild life .

Our electric walks are the cleanest ways to get a maximum experience for the customer .

The DSC has signed off on the fact that the permits are valid and lawful .

But still they demand us to have a MCU redone for the property or have us shut down .

The unfortunate thing here is that rate payer money will be used by the DSC to fight in court .

W are about to lodge for a court date in the environment and planning court .

The electric walks continue to operate whilst this process plays out through the system .

Though the numbers are yet to be significant we are sure that from the customer feedback .

The product will be successful in the years to come , we are here for good and we are going to fight all the way .

The electric age is here and moving forward all  departments should looking for better power solutions  .

Especially the northern areas of australia  .