Eco charger

Eco charger was born out of England the electric quad bike can proudly stand with any of it counter mates .

Petrol and diesel models have at least 1000 more workable parts to them as opposed to the Eco charger .

As is with electric modelling the power is instant  so from 0 to 30 klms is in a matter of seconds .

Cape tribulation horse rides  are using the Eco charger quad in a green friendly environment in the daintree .

It is our hope that the local Douglas and Cairns shire will get behind this as we move forward .

The owners of cape tribulation horse ride have invested a large sum to see us a the first in Queensland .

No one else has had the idea of going eclectic apart from one other operator in western australia .

That operator is conducting tour in the Margret river area where the national parks meets the ocean .

Our operation sees us set the scene in one of the oldest rain forests in the world .

Lets face we live in one of the wettest climates in australia so this equates to a lot muddy conditions .

This is what the Eco charger was made for , England being the one place that’s gets  just as much rain .

The love for getting  muddy from a guy’s point of view is the more mud the better it is for us .

Cleaning is quite simple , as soon as we are home , out come the water blaster and within minutes their clean .

Having the Eco charge simplified with less moving parts makes this machine easier to maintain .

The issue with quad bikes is the maintenance that needs to done regular can be the most expensive part .

Given that we reduced the speed on the Eco charger , customers are not able to mess around as much .