Crocodiles are usually found in a mixture of salt and freshwater rivers systems .

Though at times they have been known to venture further up system chasing a food supply .

Cape tribulation horse rides encounters a 3 meter crocodile daily as part of out tour .

Mostly being visible when the tide is out and usually resting further up the creek when the tide is in .

Cape tribulation horse rides has never encountered a problem with the local crocodile .

Though i be leave a few locals have , there has been some winging over the about the crocodile hanging around .

I guess from the crocodiles point of view a lovely meal would be a dog , they are the perfect size meal .

If you are going to run your dog on the beach every day at the same time then i guess your just looking for trouble .

Especially when the crocodile is 3 meters long and gets a bit tired of eating turtles .

Most people are worried about swimming in our oceans in cape tribulation in fact they are told not to swim .

Put simply no one wants it on there conscience if they were to be taken by a croc .

As a local i have swam here for many years , especially in front of cape trib camp ground  .

The only time i have a crocodile was in the wet season near the camp ground about 50 meters out .

I be leave he was just soaking up the warm water a crocodile does .

The area between donavans point and coopers creek would a big crocodile in fact we be leave a 4.5 meter .

Twelve years ago i seen a 3 meter in