I still remember the days of mick and buff doing the crocodile speech .

On one particular morning buff was still half pissed and hung over from the night before that half way through his speech he through up all over himself and the horse .

Me being me , i just my hat down over my head and tried not laugh my arse off at him ,the customers faces said it all at the time .

The crocodile speech was just one of the high lights to the tour , mainly just scare the shit out of everyone not swim in the ocean .

There have been a couple people take by a crocodile over the past few years and they were incidents that could have been avoided .

The crocodile is not after us , contrary to popular belief in fact humans are way to much food for them and if you were taken most of you would be wasted .

A three meter croc can go at least a month on a small bird the size of a chicken , as the metabolic rates can be slowed right down .

They are typically unsocial animals and only hang where food is easily caught , for instance if you are running your dog on a quiet beach then the chances are there will be a crocodile hanging around  .

I have lived in cape tribulation for 13 years now and only once i have seen a croc in the ocean near myall beach .

The reason for that was exceptional hi tide in the summer season and the fact that people were running there dogs on the particular part of the beach .

Every one asks these why are there so many croc’s up here , my answer is the same as usual , social media has the biggest part to play in that , we are now in the age of digital .