Over the years at cape tribulation there have been a few reviews that are based on communication .

The result was dab reviews on trip adviser and as we all know you cant get rid of them .

From one women i was in her eyes a sinister person lurking around the front paddock .

Making her booking the particular ride she and her husband wanted , was not available .

As they should have have called 24 hours before they were to take the tour the communication could have been better .

The result of better communication would have provided them with ability for me to put them in a different tour .

This particular women gave a absolute political speech right out of Parliament house Canberra .

Given they were both from our political state , i had the feeling it was only going to worse .

Had she had better communication skills  than righting  skills a better out come would have been made .

It is always advisable that when making a booking with any supplier , communication should be made at least twenty four hours before .

Businesses always have to change when products are not working for them and become unsustainable .

Our business revolves around the communication with the tourism sector and what people want .

At that time the couples tour was costing the business  unsustainable  in staff wages and the afternoon ride

Reaching 40 degrees and 100 % humidity in the daintree area in the summer months is not the best for horses ,.

Communication from the RSPCA that horses should not be worked at these times was good enough for me .

The last thing you want is a horse overheating on a tour .

Puffing is common amongst horses in the north and no one has the any answers why this happens in the summer months .

Therefore puffing can quite dangerous for horses