Captain is the first of 3 horses to train up at Cape tribulation horse rides.

He has been the easiest so far but Tina is not far behind him .

Though there is one left called Becky I am hopeful will be riding in the coming weeks .

Captain is brendan’s favorite at the moment the man has a soft spot for the horse.

Tina has jessikah on her and the kid is going great ,finally some quality staff .

Captain is older than the rest but still for a horse in his twenties he does well .

For the most part he has put the weight back on and seems to enjoy his work .

Becky,  the little chestnut is still biting herself,  not sure if it pain or just sourness.

Time will tell with Becky as I plan to go slow and be sure she is fit to ride .

Captain and Tina have quite a few more ahead of them for the business .

This will take our numbers to 19 riding horses with only ringer not being worked.

Ringer has earned his right to a retirement after working for 25years  .

His teeth are failing, arthritis is setting in on his joints and he does love to sleep  .

He will get a good retirement the old boy 😉