bucket list

Cape tribulation horse rides would be rated as one of you things on your bucket list while in the north.

Finding the northern end of Australia can be a little can get uncomfortable for alot southern people .

The humidity here in the summer reaches 100 % and 35 ‘c  .

Bucket lists were made to be ticked off , well that’s at lest what our sign says .

Fellow cape tribians are busy ticking there bucket lists off at this time of the year .

Cape tribulation comes to a stand still around febuary and its then we all get the time to get out for a holiday .

My bucket list will be taken care of next year as i now start planning for my trip around the world .

I have always wanted to see the states and the European countries .

European women  have been the most wanting to tick off the list , riding along a beach on horse back .

Quite a number off times i have watched as they amerce themselves to the point of tears .

For guy’s it seems to be different , we tend to want that action hero kind of stuff .

Tearing up generally doesn’t tick our bucket list unless we are proposing .

Going back this year we had the pleasure off offering a family down on there luck as the father was terminal .

Cancer is such a hit and miss i was lucky with the type i had but this gent could not escape his destiny .

I watched him as we rode into the ocean with our horses he didn’t want leave that special place .

The time that day was not looked at as we sat in the middle of the ocean .

There are all types of reasons for bucket lists but that doesn’t mean there for everyone .

I know that over the next few years i will get to mine  and then create even more .