Berries through out the rain forest in the daintree can be good for you or to the unsuspecting traveler really bad folks if you don’t know if its good than the rule is don’t eat it .

Some berries are now coming into season , by this i mean the wild raspberry has stated to ripen , tasty but too many seeds for me . The melestoner berries which are dark purple in color are out as well , though we like to call them blue tongues .

Even though i have lived in this area for some nine years i still have trouble remembering the which berries can be taken or not .

The horses have there own types of berries they can eat at certain times of the , as discussed on another topic some of the nags love the blue fig as it ripens , the moister it is the better they like it i see chief and midnight both have so much slobber coming out of there mouth while chewing they just cant put anymore in there .

Berries can play a good part to there diet , such as the snake weed the blue flower to humans tastes like mushrooms to a horse ………… well they never give me a straight answer .

I can say however that there are around 80 different types of grasses , weeds ,leaves and bark that in this daintree area can help give a horse a full belly , not all of it will be great for them but it does help in the dry part of the season .

Some berries that are in the actual rain-forest won’t have horses eat them , they seem to know instinctively what is good and what is not ……. as humans i wish we could too , would save a lot bad tummy problems and the odd trip to hospital for the average unsuspecting traveler .