Becky is a beautiful little chestnut stock horse .

She has been here for a couple of years now .

Previously owned by jackie , our owner of cape trib camp ground.

Becky had been used for polocross  so she a lively little one .

Of late she started getting sour every time some tried to ride her .

She has had 8 months off to settle down.

The mare is responding beautifully to the join up process.

Though she is still sour once you get on her back .

She starts by bitting at her chest and then starts kicking out  .

Becky is a great horse , so i can’t help feeling its a back issue .

I think down deep she has pinched a nerve and it may take more time to heal .

Never the less I won’t be giving up on her .

She moves well and does not show signs of discomfort when saddled .

It’s only when i start to turn her to the right .

Started two weeks ago training Becky so we are going to move a slow pace .

I have the time at the moment to put some energy into her .

Most of the horses who had major problems at the time they came her .

I was the difference they needed , i don’t like to rush the process.

I have made the mistake in the past and found you just do more damage.

Will be posting i am in the future 🤗