beach riding

Beach riding is still one of the favoured things to do in australia for the local community .

Weather it by horse back or 4wd to the 4 wheeler quads bikes , countless Aussie’s cant get enough of it .

Horse riding on the beach can be all along the east coast of australia and in 4 states .

Queensland has some of the most spectacular beach riding for all ages and experience .

Cape tribulation horse rides have our own unique part of the world in which to ride .

As the business has been here for almost 30 years , we have developed quite the reputation as great beach riding .

This season has been a cracker for cape tribulation horse rides , as well as horses , our electric vehicles are powering .

Using these electric vehicles to transport customers to our walks through the rain-forest has proved  successful .

Using the old logging trails and horse riding tracks on private land belonging to the mason family .

Though we are not beach riding with these vehicles they would be great fun to  for  a strap along the beach .

There are beach riding businesses that have the permits in place for the general public to take a tour .

Salt water and sand would not be great for these vehicles as even washing them down would not stop the rust setting in .

I only have to look at our old farm truck after we used it for a boat launcher for a couple of months .

This season has seen far more Australian residents coming to cape trib as a retreat from the southern cold conditions