The backpacker travelling to australia would keep this horse ride going for many years  .

For many years here at cape tribulation horse rides we have had to follow the backpacker market .

When first starting this business discipline was to keep track of the backpacker market in australia .

Back in the nineties the backpacker was a full strength  and cape tribulation was sort after location .

The lack of discipline towards the liquor  laws made it the perfect place to party  for the average backpacker .

Generally the market was backpacker orientated with just a few families in the equation .

That particular family market would come further down line with the way cape tribulation .

Arriving here in 2006 we would be taking out 12 horse rides full of back packers twice a day .

This proved to great fun but exceptionally hard for myself and staff as well as the horses .

Back then the trek was 2.5 hours long and went through all great grassed areas .

Proving to much for horses to resist they would eat as much as they could and at every turn .

Comanche was the worst for it young backpacker boy’s were no match for him and mouth .

I would gee them up and get them to tap him on the arse with a stick , still never worked .

Young  kids would stir him up to the point where he would then try to buck them off in the back paddock

As the years went on the changing of alcohol laws meant the average person was in for a reality check .

There was a lot of things that made this horse ride come into a unstable situation over the years .

At one point we had 5000 customer’s a year heading here and then we headed for cyclones and a unstable market .