After affects

After affects of the cancer i have had are still lingering , it seems that the old body didn’t like what it had done to it .

Since returning to work there is not day that goes past were i am not  in pain the after affects are annoying .

Its now been four years since having  radiation to my neck area and chemo for seven weeks .

Coming home the after affects are mostly in your head  and you need to that straight before moving on .

Radiation is severe no matter where you have it , for the neck area using loads of sorblene every day is important .

This will with the outside scaring of the neck area other after affects can be choking and swelling of the neck .

There were a couple of bad moments when living by yourself you begin to choke on your  food and no one is around to help .

Some of the more common after affects are scaring of the inside of your mouth , now that’s a head fuck .

I really felt that after the treatment i had been given a second chance to do something special with my life .

That was the defining moment to make the business my own and change it to suit what i wanted .

Alcohol consumption was at its high point  before i had the treatment .

The after affects didn’t seem to that part down , beer never tasted so good .

Red wine was my flavour but for reason it tasted horrible .

Going in at a weight of 85 kilo’s and coming out at 60 i looked like someone out of a concentration camp .