Work ethic

As i started to travel australia many things started to make sense as to the work ethic from someone may age as opposed to the younger generation .

Right from when we were small children we were taught to solve our own problems , sure dad was tough on us but some how he knew we all weren’t going to rocket scientist 😉

As made my way down the east coast Work was never to hard to find especially in the security industry as i had been part of for so long and developed the work ethic to continue gain in Australia .

I managed to get a security position on great keppel island outside of Rockhamton , 3 security staff on a island 12 hours away from any police help and they all knew it including the managers .

The work ethic would certainly play it part here , you see contiki tours sent alot of business this way and most of the kids where there to party hard , the place was full of drug fueled , testosterone body builders from either Sydney , Melbourne and Brisbane .

Add the local navy base and you have a recipe for some wild nights for all of the island , at this point i knew i was going to regret my decision and that the work ethic i had would do very little to help me here .

I stuck with it for about three weeks until the night club erupted in a major brawl on night and work ethic or not could save the situation Sydney verses Melbourne all men full of speed and steroids ,we emptied the club of good people and left the rest to destroy the club and themselves , after being caught in riots and seeing them up close you learn you are no mach for the mob , retreat and to fight another day , now that’s work ethic working for you .