Truck driving

I kept trying to figure out where to go next after Rocky so it was off to the sunshine coast and because the monies were not where i wanted i was forced to take any job i could , this meant a caravan park and some real labor once again and the call for the truck driving job had to wait.

I had been offered a truck driving position on the gold coast , only problem i couldn’t get there so i worked hard for about three weeks and then got rid of the caravan the motor bike and old f100 brought a ford sedan and was out of the doggy place , wasn’t a big fan of the area .

For some reason the gold coast and the truck driving job kept calling me and away i went , only spent a week finding accommodation in a set of units at south-port full of old men but very easy living .

Being one lucky bastard the truck driving position was still waiting and thus i began delivering bulk loads of the courier mail 4 times a week from Brisbane to the nsw border .

Truck driving on the coast assured me of plenty of work as most people seemed to be off when the surf was good , so for me and my work ethic i was definitely on a great wicked .

The other reason for being on the coast was to learn how to surf 38 years of age you would think i would have known better , fuck me that shit takes it out of you but still truck driving 4 nights a week and surfing 3 days a week seemed to be a great little life style .

So for about 8 months i enjoyed the life as a beach bum surfer ,not that i was that and very typical of a newbie i totally brought the wrong board and was then pointed in the right direction by someone my age . thanks Charlie from surf shop .

I knew though that the coast was not going to be the final place to stay and after 7 months the call for traveling came again .