PKS jungle resort

My adventures travelling the great australia we live in , lead me to PKS jungle resort , noted as the party central of cape tribulation .

At the time a acquaintance of mine was managing and the job on offer was very simple , 5 nights a week 7 hours a night doing security and nothing else , money wasn’t the best but 35 hours a week was all i needed at PKS jungle resort .

What started out as a simple plan soon developed into a non stop nightly party of booze , fun and women a veritable smorgasbord of young backpackers wanting to sample the Aussie way of life in the PKS jungle resort .

PKS jungle had a reputation for many years as the best place to party and it was the head quarters hub of cape tribulation .

I met so many good people from over seas and formed friendships that still stand today , Nadia who owns the iron bar in cologne , extremely German but i had a connection with her that was more in a business sense than anything else as she was as gay as a gradmars tea party .

As the months began to move ever so fast at PKS jungle resort the politics of resort living began to takes its toll
in regards to working more hours and not being paid for , frustration was starting to set in , as a new change in the management was about to take place .

A old acquaintance was about to come into PKS jungle resort and turn the entire resort upside down and basically restructure the whole way the resort would be managed .

Female manager in place and myself asking for more money , was never going to happen it was time to head off for the next adventure and was a wonderful red haired Irish girl that would take my breath away and steal my heart …. yep good PKS jungle resort .