New beginnings

Here i am sitting in a hot water spring on elquestro station in the Australian Kimberly thinking about where my new beginnings would take me when i hear mobile start making a noise , fuck me service up here i thought .

Turned out it was little the jockey from the horse ride in cape tribulation , after a brief catch up on the phone he asked if i needed work and would i want a job riding horses in the trib ? , i was at the end of the Australian travel thing and looking for new beginnings which then lead to a yes i will see you in a week .

To be honest i couldn’t get there fast enough i was tired of travelling and it would be great to get back to riding again and working with mick and buf , all three of us piss heads living it up in cape tribulation .

At the time cape trib was still alive with backpackers so the market for the horse ride was still strong , mick had been at the ride with his side kick buf for nearly 3 years , but as i would find out in my new beginnings things were not all they seemed .

Starting off i was to do 4 days a week and three off , sounded pretty good to me as i was a mad keen fisherman at the time so plenty of time for that , especially when cape trib was such a great fishing area , the only place left in australia where you can catch a coral trout off the rocks ,

Just a couple of weeks working and i could see a Trend starting to develop , three mornings in a row i would have to pull mick out of the ditch with my fwd and then get him sober enough to ride a horse , the new beginnings where about to get interesting .