After Effects

After Effects of the cancer i have had are still lingering , it seems that the old body didnt like what it had done to it .
Since returning to work there is not day that goes past were i am not muscles are not in pain the After Effects are that the body has to wear.
Most days the swelling in the neck can cause discomfort and it really messes with your head but as the day goes on you then realize it’s just the After Effects.
When i came home and relaxed back into my day i felt the most disturbing that no one even bothered to ask if i needed help rebuilding my tiny shack , to actually stop the weather elements getting to me .
The After Effects leave your system open to all types of viruses , so you need reasonable accommodation, and to my rescue came the owners, whom looked after me financially, so it was time to get this business back on track.
Backpackers were the choice at the time and for quite a while things ran well , as the seasons went by we were not really making money but at the time i was never getting what i needed to control the business .
As i struggled with the After Effects we where then taken to fair by some english hell bent on capitalising on getting a quick buck , oh yes the little American through her hand in as well. At the time my father began to fall sick and his days were numbered, we let the backpackers get their win but from that day forward the business will not employ backpackers for anything.
From that point we were back on track and i could finally put the After Effects behind me and concentrate on putting the business back at the top.